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The Family International products include devotional books and multimedia for all ages. Teach us that applying these spiritual principles in our daily lives can help ourselves and others. We believe these teaching of Christian faith can help the world as it is today.

Each day of the year in a handy desktop format, the Mottos for Success series of inspirational quote books offer an original maxim to go by. Readers have called the Mottos for Success series "insightful," "moving," "inspiring," "heartwarming," "addictive," "hopeful." Mottos for Success on Twitter, Mottos For Success Website


A unique series of gift books that bring inspiration and answers to your life questions, ask the designer of us,, and our life-coach of all time: Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ came to showed us the best way to live life to the fullest. From Jesus with Love on Twitter


Motivational books will cover the fundamentals of faith, love and how to apply them to your daily life. Official website

Start your day with daily inspirational readings, packed with powerful inspirations. Aurora Product Page for The Daily Might, Rss Podcast

A three-book series depicting fulfilled prophecies and future events.

The Future Foretold
First edition by Michael Roy, updated and revised by Scott MacGregor. Ancient prophecies along with up-to-date documentation from respected news sources offer a compelling case that we are living in the era the biblical seers called the Last Days. Official page on Aurora Productions

The Rise and Fall of the Antichrist
Author: Scott MacGregor. Do not be fooled by the master of evil—whom the Bible calls the Antichrist, the Beast, the Devil, the Man of Sin, and the Son of Hell—will rise to power by peace, and by intrigue and clever deceit. Official page on Aurora Productions

From the End to Eternity
According to biblical prophecy, read about the past, present and future from the End to Eternity. Watch fulfilled prophecies and future events on two documentary-style video series.

Countdown to Armageddon
Find out if the predictions from the Gospel are being fulfilled today. In this one hour documentary we compare the visions and prophecies said by our ancient prophets and show you the trend and statistics we are seeing in today’s world.

Beyond Armageddon
Join host Simon Peterson on a 55-minute journey through Israel as he explores many details of Bible prophecy, documentation of fulfilled prophecy and the inevitable Battle of Armageddon but lastly the visions of the promised Golden age..

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