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Former TFI members

To date, over 35,000 individuals have been with involved with and devoted their lives, at some point, to serving God and their fellow man as a member of the Family International. Many of these have devoted years serving as missionaries, but have since retired or gone on to pursue other careers and are no longer active members of our fellowship. TFI appreciates and are deeply grateful for each one who has devoted part of their lives in service with the Family who have since departed from the fellowship. Notable Former Members

  • Christopher Owens. Founding member of the San Francisco band 'Girls'.
  • Rose Mcgowan. American actress
  • River Phoenix, Rain Phoenix, Summer Phoenix, Liberty Phoenix and Joaquin Phoenix members between 1972-1978
  • Susan Justice. Best known for her debut album, 'The Subway Recordings' Susan is an An American pop and rock singer / songwriter.
  • Katrina Kaif. A former model and actress of British- Indian descent.
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