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A missionary generally refers to a person of a religious organization who travels to a foreign region to share the evangelical message or offer services based on the ministerial theme such as social justice, economic progression, health care, literacy and education. The word mission is a Latin word missionem, which means the act of sending. This word is mainly used on a biblical basis. In a Latin bible, it can be found that Christ Himself used the word when he commissioned his disciples to go out and preach the gospel in his name. Though it is used for the Christian missions, the word is also used in other creeds and ideologies.

A Christian missionary is also one who witnesses across different cultures. In 1974, the Lausane Congress defined the word, “Christian mission” as "to form a viable indigenous church-planting movement." Missionaries have been there since ancient times till this present age and are in many countries around the globe

A great Bible verse that motivates mission work is Matthew 28:19-20, where Jesus commissions His disciples to make disciples in every nation. This verse is largely referred to as the Great commission by the Christian missionaries During the Roman Empire, the New Testament Missionary outreach of the Church since the time of St Paul was rather widespread. All through the Middle Ages learning and religion were broadcasted to go beyond the limits set by the Roman Empire. This was largely made possible by the Christian monasteries and missionaries such as Adalbert of Prague and St Patrick. During the 7th century missionaries such as Augustine the Great were sent to England by Gregory the Great. At the peak age of discovery, several missions in America and other regions were set up by the Roman Catholic Church. The missions who had the main goal of spreading the Christianity message in the New World and convert the native people went through the Dominicans, Franciscans and the Augustinians. During this period Francis Xavier and other missionaries of Jesuits, Franciscans, Dominicans and Augustinians went as far as to the Far East and Asia. Missionaries from Portuguese were commissioned to Africa. Listed below are several of the greatest missions of all times. Some of them were involved with colonialism and cruelty but others were peaceful and focused on bringing communities together

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