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The Family International Present Day

Throughout its operational history, several changes were witnessed in the structure of the Family International and it gradually went on to become an international body. The year 1995 was marked by the adoption of a membership charter, which enabled the codification of rights, beliefs and responsibilities for the full-time workers at Family International. The actions and initiatives of Family members are guided by their own decisions within the Family International Charter’s framework.

A two-year long process of assessing the structure, practices and doctrine which ended in 2010, a detailed reorganization was undertaken by the Family International, which was called the Reboot. A chunk of it found root in its old cooperative household scheme. An entirely new organizational structure was adopted by the Family International and it closed almost all the earlier communal centers. It was done so that the objective of connecting with the world and spreading the gospel message could be achieved in a better way and could promote greater diversity.

At present, TFI basically operates on an online platform. The governing charter of the Family International was changed and streamlined so that it would better reflect the reorganizing efforts and objectives to encourage individuals to work independently. (You can see the charter of the TFI here)

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