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Are you confused about some things in life and you need answers to them? Do you feel concerned about events in the world and you wish to change the world? Your search for answers and solutions are over with this magazine. It will help you to make some changes in your life, and you too will be in a better position to make some positive effect on the world.

Activated is a monthly magazine that is published since the year 2001. The themes are designed to address issues that are of spiritual nature and offer practical solutions to some of these challenges.

These themes are:
• Success with People
• Sharing your Faith
• Marriage
• Avoiding and Overcoming Stress
• Parenting
• Healthy Living
• Hearing from God
• Forgiveness
• Coping with Difficulty and Loss.
• Praying Effectively
• The Bible’s Take on the Future

Activated is published in 13 international languages. Some of these languages are:
➢ Chinese
➢ Romanian
➢ German
➢ Russian
➢ Polish
➢ English
➢ Japanese
➢ Portuguese
Some special editions are published in 17 other languages.

The contents of every issue of the magazine since the beginning of 2009 are available online in 3 different languages namely English, Portuguese and Spanish. These articles are well-arranged for easy accessibility at their official website. The site also contains three different series of articles on various topics of grave spiritual importance. (If you want information from the site in 12 other European languages, visit

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