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The administrative structure of The Family International is set up to provide services to worldwide members both on a regional level and an international level.

The administrative directors responsible for the spiritual and administration direction of The Family International are Karen Zerby and Steve Kelly (better known by their pen names, MariaFontaine and Peter Amsterdam).

TFI Services

The department which handles the administrative and publications produced for The Family International is TFI Services, formerly World Services [1]. TFI Services operates on a global level providing a variety of services to missionaries of the Family, including publishing inspirational and devotional material and content and providing general mission-related direction and counsel for worldwide The Family International|members.

TFI Services also produces motivational materials and products for the general public; sponsoring resources that assist missionaries in their various mission works and programs; and managing and subsidizing TFI services and providing emergency aid to mission centers operating under extreme conditions through disbursing tithes and donations collected from its worldwide membership.


  1. World Services in The Family International University of California Press

See Also

  • Karen Zerby Spiritual and administrative co-director of the Family International
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