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The Family International in Africa
The Family International in Africa have 22 Family community centers, 24 missionary teams, and various related projects on going in 19 countries. Starting small back in the late 1970’s to about the mid 1990’s the Family International in Africa steadily grew. A lot of work and effort went into developments by various projects and outreach programs throughout the continent.

Throughout the continent, family members used their God given gifts as missionaries, teachers, councilors, coaches, and motivators to inspire others in need by bringing hope, faith and love. It doesn't matter if the need is to build up their character or physically aiding in medical relief, everyone is assisted at whatever level they are at. The NGO and Government experts alike have acknowledged and recognized the efforts made by The Family International. TFI is making a difference by sharing God's love and message and takes action in tangible ways, in order to produced maximum impact.

PUBLIC RADIO BROADCASTS - Back in 1999, in Uganda, TFI's main focus was to produce public service radio spots and shows. Broadcasting on average 56 shows monthly on 8 different radio stations, this allowed TFI to reach the entire country. One of the broadcasts is called Night Light, which is a late night program. Another which is heard weekly is called Nu Beat which is a syndicated youth program. For inspiration, TFI has a program called Reflections. It gives motivational reflections on various topics.

DONATION DISTRIBUTION AND CHARITY WORK, COUNTRYWIDE | Generous people, people who care about others that are less fortunate, aid in the distribution of tons of donated goods. For over eight years now, these under privileged communities have been blessed with clothing, footwear, school supplies and food and much more.

HOPE OF THE FUTURE, CAPE TOWN | the rotary club provided us with a soup kitchen for our community centers’ eighth anniversary. This enabled us to serve meals to over 100 needy children daily, as well as over 200 families weekly. Destitute families, and HIV/aid sufferers, get a healthy contribution of meat, thus giving them the protein they badly need.

FREE HEALTHCARE, COUNTRYWIDE | Nigeria's rural areas are in need for healthcare. TFI continues to reach out to these communities through Family Care's free healthcare projects. Developing relationships with many medical professionals over years progressed to them spending their valuable time helping us reach remote communities. They generously give of their time, skills and energy. Whether it is a helping hand or the use of their stethoscope, relief is offered to aid the patient of their illness.

OLIVES REHABILITATION CENTRE, MOMBASSA | In Kenya, The Family International's Family care missions project has sponsored the Olives Rehabilitation Center for children on the streets, and orphans in Mombasa. On a daily bases over 200 of this kids are now receiving schooling and a healthy meal. The program allows us to help put these children in primary schools. For those who can make the transition, we will locate sponsors for them.


With a population of over 20 million, 80% of people in Madagascar are battling abject poverty, most people living under the recommended $2 per day.
For over 15 years, the members of the family international have been working tirelessly to help the underprivileged break out of their poverty status. They have also been seeking to improve the spiritual lives of the people.

Some of notable accomplishments include sharing of food and clothing, building homes for widows and poor families, building schools, operating small dispensaries, and organizing English and French classes for the less privileged. TFI have recently focused their efforts towards improving the lives of destitute children, orphans and juvenile prisoners.

The program is also focused on training future missionaries and the leaders of various community leaders. This practice started in 2006 and has been active since them. The award winning 12 foundation stones courses are offered during the course of training. The language of instruction include English, French and Malagasy

As earlier mentioned, TFI in Madagascar has been focused on improving the quality of life of the youths. Since 1999, our members have been helping orphans and the imprisoned ones by supplying food, building new structures to accommodate homeless children, renovating prison cells, helping with provision of school materials and stationery for schools.

Family Care Missions

Eduvision - Abuja
Eduvision - Abuja
P.O. Box 8015,
Wuse zone 3, Abuja

Phone: 08042127942

Family Care Association - Lagos Head Office
Family Care Association
Lagos Head Office
Plot No 7, Wing 'A' Emma
Abimbola Cole Rd
Lekki Phase 1,
Lagos, Nigeria

Phone: +234 1 4800161

Family Care Association - Port Harcourt Branch
Family Care Association
Port Harcourt Branch
P.O. Box 55897, Aggery Road, P.H.

Phone: + 234-8-571832

South Africa

The Family Africa
P.O. Box 1753, Witkoppen,
Johannesburg 2068,
South Africa


Helping Hand

Helping Hand
P.O. Box 4069,
Tyger Valley,
Cape Town 7536,
South Africa


Family Care Uganda
Po Box 28281
Kampala, Uganda
Phone: +256-712-682-282, +256-772-973-797



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