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Central & East Europe

The members of Family International have worked in various countries of Central and Eastern Europe with the objective of improving the standard of life and offering Christian and inspirational publications since 1990s. At present, members offer services in twelve countries of Central and Eastern Europe.

A huge variety of projects have been undertaken in the region by the volunteers. It fits in aptly, given the diverse history of the place itself. Volunteers have paid visits to military hospitals, refugee camps as well as children’s centers in Slovenia, Croatia, Kosovo and Bosnia during the time of the way in the republics of Yugoslavia. Post-war trauma treatments have also been conducted using dance and musical performances apart from the organization and execution of a correspondence study course of the Bible for almost 72,000 people through mail.

Family International have made efforts to bring clothing, food, and medicine and school supplies to the poor residing in the countries affected by war and offered computer and English language literacy to the young children in Romania, Bosnia and Ukraine.


Two clubs are hosted by the family international that meet on the weekends. These are the Activated Bible and Study Clubs.

Purpose of Saturday activated club: Articles are read and then discussed in this club. One can say that it hosts a study circle kind of thing. Many topics are chosen for discussion. It also acts as the learning center. This club is located in the downtown on a main square. The most famous and privileged is the club about Bible study. Those who are interested in learning about Bible can attend this Bible Study course, the course is named as the 12 Foundation course and it is designed to meet the needs of participants. The club is located in the same location

Purpose of the English Club: Many persons who are not familiar with English can come and join this club too. English has become essential for personality grooming and it gives a person kind of edge. Participants can join the club just to learn English with specially designed course.

Shows for the Children In any community recreational activities for the children are a must. Keeping in account this fact, especially activities are arranged in the form of Children shows. The areas for such activities include the performance of different puppet shows and clown shows etc. These are not limited to one place in Ukraine. For instance many resorts of children and summer resorts are included to host such activities for kids. Special children and those who are facing disorders in areas of health are treated with great care. Many different programs are launched for them that cater to their needs.

Performance of our Team at 2006 Tavriski Igri Music Festival At 2006’s Tavriski Igri Music Festival in Ukraine, our team performed and took the message of Gospels in the show. Our 32 member team actually represented the various family projects around the Ukraine. It basically reached out the Ukraine’s Youth for giving them message of motivation and hope.

Specially Designed show for Children on Christmas Children need attention from all segments of the society. This need for attention increased manifolds for the children with special needs. Children who have learning disabilities, physical disabilities or even those who are orphan need a special care. With the help of clown shows and puppet shows our team tries its best to bring cheer on the faces of this innocent creatures. Sweets, celebrations, magazines and other special gifts are given to them on behalf of our tea.

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