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Volunteer missionaries from The Family International have been actively serving in the different countries of Central America for more than a decade. They have been active in a wide variety of projects all aimed at improving the quality of life in the communities they serve.

Some of the primary services Family volunteers offer are: assistance for underprivileged families and individuals, personal development programs, educational and youth oriented programs. The Family International is also active in bringing disaster relief and humanitarian aid to needy places and situations.

As with all the efforts of The Family International, the motivating factor in every project in Central America is to bring a message of faith and love.

The Family International Central America
Relief support in Haiti

After the devastating earthquake that hit Haiti in January 2010, Family International was at the fore front in joining hands with other organizations to give a helping hand to the earthquake victims. The volunteers from the Family team offered help, consolation and helped in sustaining the huge number of people that were negatively affected by the calamity.

Medical Assistance Saltillo, Coahuila a city located in the northern part of Mexico has an operational branch of Family International. This team delivers medical supplies and services to the underprivileged communities on a regular basis. The Family International members plan out fundraising events to help in funding the medical services to be offered to those with dire needs. Despite providing other general medical assistance, they place huge emphasis on ocular prosthetics. Great efforts put in by big corporations and business enterprises in promoting the Family program have made it possible for many villagers to receive prosthetic and thus enjoy healthier better eyesight.

Street Children Ministry

The Family team members situated in Costa Rica pay regular visits to PANI a street children’s organization, where they schedule motivational programs that tackle topics on drugs and depression with a goal of rehabilitating the children. Other methods the team uses to impact a positive influence on the youth and gearing them in the right way is by Bible study sessions, stimulating music presentations and positive peer activities.
The Family International

Evangelical and Missionary Activities The Family International members embrace Christian Education lessons, Bile Studies and schedule programs for both the students and the teachers. The main goal of the Family is organization is to assist others to get to a point of experiencing peace, joy and satisfaction that only comes by interacting with God and meditating on God’s Word on a daily basis. Every day is a chance to reach out to others, to console, cheer ad aid all and any that crosses our paths.

Project Smiles This project was started with a primary goal of taking educational openings to the orphans in Guetamala City. The Family International puts a smile on the orphans’ faces by taking them out once a month. This outing includes a visit to the National animal park, a delicious lunch and an entertaining puppet show that encourages ethical values.

Feeding the Needy La Comida del Carino is a annually held mission that sets to give free meals and moral entertainment to the underprivileged people in Guetamala. Family International has been able to pull this project with the help of government groups, sincere friends and other corporations. The mission provides 2000 plates of healthy food to the homeless. In addition to that there are three other benefit schemes provided by the team. Children are treated by stimulating puppet and clown presentations.


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