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(Quick Reference)
(Quick Reference)
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* [[Restructuring ]]
* [[Restructuring ]]
* [[Aurora Productions]]
* [[Aurora Productions]]
* [[[[Activated Magazine|Activated]]]]
* [[Activated Magazine|Activated]]
* [[Financial Base]]
* [[Financial Base]]
* [[The Family International Music]]
* [[The Family International Music]]

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[edit] Welcome to The Family International Wiki

The Family International Wiki is dedicated to the Christian communal group known as The Family International, formerly known as "The Children of God", "The Family of Love", and "The Family". The Family International (or TFI) is an international Christian community dedicated to sharing the message of God’s love with people around the world. Founded in Huntington Beach during the late 1960s, TFI has grown into a global organization with members in more than 90 countries. The Family International has also been referred to as a millenarian Christian communal group[1]

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See Also 'Websites of Interest', a directory of TFI related websites.

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  1. millenarian Christian communal group - Britannica Article
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