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Made up of members from over 100 nationalities, the Family International welcomes people from all races, cultures, genders, and nationalities and encourages participation and membership from the international community. In order for prospective new members to be eligible for membership in The Family, they must accept the basic tenets and beliefs in the statement of faith, and, per each individual’s personal ability and desire, each assists in the Family International’s mission as laid out in the mission statement.

Volunteers and members are expected to conduct their professional and personal lives with integrity and to display ethical behavior in their interactions with others.

Former TFI members

To date, over 35,000 individuals have been with involved with and devoted their lives, at some point, to serving God and their fellow man as a member of the Family International. Many of these have devoted years serving as missionaries, but have since retired or gone on to pursue other careers and are no longer active members of our fellowship. TFI appreciates and are deeply grateful for each one who has devoted part of their lives in service with the Family who have since departed from the fellowship.

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