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The Family International first originated in the United States in the late 1960s. Family volunteers have been active in providing services in North America for over forty years now. TFI centers and volunteers in North American cities provide a wide range of services including assisting at homeless shelters, food kitchens, and a variety of other nonprofit and civic organizations that provide food, clothing and basic necessities. Family volunteers have assisted in disaster relief efforts, such as Hurricane Andrew in 1992 and Hurricane Katrina in 2005. Members from the North American work also assist and participate in overseas missions that provide humanitarian aid and services for the needy and underprivileged.
The Family International - North America

Members of The Family International help wherever they can to enrich the lives of the people of North America through both the spreading God’s message of love and hope and by putting that message into action, rolling up their sleeves and helping out wherever they find a need.

Spiritual counseling
As Christians and followers of Jesus, one of The Family International’s ministries is reaching out to the spiritually needy and those searching for answers. This is done through a variety of avenues including the distribution of inspirational and devotional literature, providing counseling on a wide range of topics that affect society at large such as drugs, depression, peer pressure, violence, and bible studies on biblical themes and current events. Family members often minister one on one to individuals, in what has been termed "personal witnessing or ministering" at parks, youth hangouts, beaches, streets, parks and universities, teaching classes, answering questions with the Bible, being a listening ear or praying for those who need a boost.

Bible Studies
Many Family members and volunteers conduct ongoing Bible studies with interested individuals from all walks of life and religious backgrounds. The 12 Foundation Stones is a Bible study course designed to provide the student with a general overview of the foundation of Christian faith. This course covers a range of topics which include Bible prophecy, the Time of the End, prayer and hearing from God, salvation and the love of Jesus, how to find God’s will, overcoming and resolving problems, witnessing and ministering to others, and more.

The distribution of food, clothing and other goods
Each year, tons of food and thousands of bags full of clothing, toys and other goods are distributed to needy families, local area shelters and food kitchens by members and volunteers of the Family International. By collaborating with local businesses, companies, and individuals, we are able to provide regular distribution programs of food, clothing and other essential goods and the sharing of the message of hope with thousands of needy individuals and families. In addition to the physical assistance we are able to offer, Family members also devote time to praying with the needy and offering Bible classes to those who express interest.

Hurricane Katrina Relief
In 2005, following the devastation brought about by Hurricane Katrina, Family International volunteers arrived on the scene to join relief efforts providing food, clothing, water, and other basic needs to the thousands of Louisiana evacuees. Family volunteers also spent time with the evacuees praying with them and providing emotional and spiritual support in their time of need. They also organized programs and activities for the displaced children which were designed to impart comfort, happiness and emotional stability for the smallest evacuees.

Freedom Works award
In 1998, the Family Missions in North America was presented with the Congressional Freedom Works Award for our services in volunteering at Washington DC homeless shelters and soup kitchens. The annual Freedom Works Award is designed to recognize individuals and groups who participate in and take personal and private initiative to help the needy.

Music ministry
Word Stock Music Festival

Many in The Family International enjoy performing and using music in their ministry, which include monthly programs in nursing homes, medical facilities, hospices, detention centers, drug and alcohol rehabilitation facilities, homeless shelters, and food kitchens. It has been a joy to witness how music can provide a healing touch in ways that nothing else seems to.

Music Camps/Rock Festivals
In the spring of 2004, volunteers for The Family International organized the first of 4 music festivals/summer camps, known as Wordstock and Euro Rock. These 3-4 day summer camps/music festivals, attended by hundreds of young people in North America and later in Europe, were designed to help promote music amongst Family youth. These festivals/summer camps featured daily concerts by aspiring young musicians and a variety of bands, Bible classes, skits, performances and other summer camp activities for the youth and volunteer staff attending the festival. Wordstock I took place in 2004 and was followed by Workstock II in 2005, Wordstock III in 2006 and Euro Rock, a European version of the summer music festival, in the latter half of 2006.

Grief counseling
The Family International volunteers in San Antonio, Texas, have an ongoing ministry of grief counseling at a holding facility for illegal immigrants from Central and South America, many of whom are between the ages of 12 to 17 years old (sometimes younger). Many of those who are held at this facility are escaping life-threatening situations in their countries of origin, such as extreme poverty, abuse, violence and death of family members.

Assistance to homes and orphanages
The Family International in Puerto Rico has been active for many years with a children’s home for abandoned boys and an orphanage for girls. They assist these children’s homes by arranging outings for the kids, such as treating the children to special restaurant dinners, skate park trips, coordinating organized games, arts and crafts project, and parties. Family volunteers also coordinate Christmas toy drives, where they collect toys and gifts which are delivered to the children at the institutions. They also collect and make monthly deliveries of food and other goods to these institutions.

Ministry to abused women
Family volunteers in Puerto Rico provide assistance to abused women by visiting, counseling and offering messages of love and encouragement through music. They also regularly spend personal time listening to the women, providing encouragement and emotional and spiritual support. Volunteers give classes on character building, and on the how-tos of single parenting. They also make regular deliveries of food, household supplies, and toys for the children.

Aid to the disadvantaged
Family Members in Puerto Rico have made it part of their ministry to deliver food and medical supplies to several nursing homes. During these visits to the nursing homes, volunteers sing and interact with the seniors. Volunteers have also worked for over ten years with a hospital for special needs children, donating food, clothing, and toys while the youth volunteers go bed to bed cheering up the kids with music, making balloon sculptures and offering encouragement to parents and children alike.

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