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The Family International
The Family International based in Asia Pacific strives to help those people in need, share the Good news of God’s salvation and new life of hope. The team displays God’s love in different ways such as in practical projects that focus on the people and their different needs. These projects are such as giving relief aid, hosting Bible study sessions, youth programs, counseling services in prisons, holding seminars that dwell on a wide array of topics and providing different forms of support to the needy and the disadvantaged in the society.

The Family organization firmly believes that tiny sincere acts of love have long term positive effects. Apart from spreading love through planned activities and developments, the organization seeks to manifest its care through daily social interactions.

Support in National Disaster-Relief Work

The members of Family International provide relief aid during the occurrence of natural calamities such as typhoons and earthquakes. Apart from offering physical assistance, the organization’s members provide spiritual support and motivation through counseling and planned programs that aim to reach out to the young ones affected by the tragedy. During the Kobe earthquake (Great Hanshin) in 1995 and Mid Niigata Prefecture earthquake in October 2004, the team was involved in contributing relief to the communities affected.

Prison Ministry

From 1996, the Family group has reached out to those in prisons by offering counseling, support and making visits to the prisoners. The team is also involved in assisting the Prison Chaplain in organizing music sessions and counseling for the prison inmates every week. In addition to that the Family members take part in the prison’s special events and family days. Kariong Juvenille justice center situated on the prison coast is one center that has been assisted by Family International in its chaplaincy. The juvenile centre has also benefited as the Family group provides basketball training and this has helped to bring together the boys in the juvenile centre and the young people from the society

Philippines Ministry at Pediatric Ward

The Family International
Family International has been paying visits to the Manila’s Philippine General Hospital for 10 years. They endeavor to give hope and comfort to the terminally ill children. A large fraction of these children are from underprivileged families with some having journeyed long distances to get medical help

Cyclone Larry Relief, 2006

Following the disaster, the Cyclone Larry that hit in Innisfail, Queensland, a team from the Family group who were working with Change the World went to the affected area to offer assistance. Apart from general cleaning up activities, the group worked with the Australian Red Cross, The Adventist Development and Relief Agency and were engaged in providing relief aid, counseling and giving hope to the affected people.

Juvenile Delinquent Centers and Detention Centers

From1994, Family members in Taiwan have been in involved in rehabilitating activities for the young people in the jails and detention centers. The volunteers offered their services in various cities such as Taipei, Taichung, Hsinchu and Yuanlin Cities. The Family International team worked to provide Christian counseling and a series of English lessons which feature inspiring Christian messages. A number of benefit concerts are planned throughout the course of the year. Due to their positive efforts and sincere acts, Family International has been recognized by several organizations such as Shin Ju Reform High School, Taipei Juvenile Detention Center, Family Care Association Taichug and Taiwan After-care Association.


Sponsorships for the Aboriginal Communities:

The volunteers from Family International specialize in conducting field trips wherever required in Taiwan to distribute educational CDs and books, DVDs and clothing as well. They take care to satisfy the other needs of the aboriginal communities in Ilan, Hualien, as well as Nantou counties.

Bible Classes and Meetings:

You can find Family International members regularly hosting meetings and Bible classes as well as Sunday classes in Taiwan. These are motivational and help assist individuals on matters of life management, marriage and childcare. They have students from all classes of society who respond enthusiastically for the training as well as the counseling.

Caring for the Mentally Impaired:

The volunteers of Family International work with the local charities and visit the centers housing the mentally impaired people. The volunteers do a great job with these children by helping them to come out of their shell. These training classes benefit their parents as well as well as the staff members of such centers. They always greet these volunteers with happy smiles.

Hospitals all over Taiwan are often the scence of depression and sadness. The Family International volunteers and entertainers visit such hospitals on a frequent basis and offer counseling and light entertainment to alleviate the sufferings of the poor. The sick children are the ones who usually benefit the most from such visits by these volunteers.

Juvenile Centers:

The youths detained in juvenile centers are not always criminals and can be brought back into the mainstream. The Family International volunteers conduct Bible counseling classes inside these detention centers at Taipei, Taichung, Hsinchu, and Yuanlin as well. In addition, TFI hosts English classes that feature motivational material throughout the year. Some of the juvenile centers have recognized the contribution of Family International in this regard.

Homes for the Elderly:

With depression on the rise, Elderly crave attention of their children and loved ones more than ever. The volunteers at Family International take pains to ensure that they visit such homes frequently, especially during the festive seasons when they miss their loved ones the most. The children from The Family International play their part in bringing the cheer back on the faces of the Senior citizens.

The schools in Taiwan celebrate important days such as Christmas, Easter, and Children’s Day. The volunteers at Family International participate in these days for spreading the message of hope.

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