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TFI has adopted anew organizational model that will make it possible for the members to continue achieve the goals of the organization.

For two years, there was an extensive and intensive appraisal of the structure, methodology and the doctrine of the movement. The result is the resolution of the group to maintain its original goal of making missionary work a priority while it deviates a bit from its old model which encourages working as a team.

The restructuring of the organization has empowered individuals to engage in independent operation. This restructuring is reflected in the new charter’s modification and streamlining.

In May 2010 the administrative directors Karen Zerby, and Steve announced to TFI members the the following:

We don't know what the future holds (as far as the practical details and specifics, and the exact outcome of every change), but we do know a few things: 1) We have a crucial mission: reaching the world with God's Word, love and truth. 2) We're following God, by faith. 3) We will encourage each of you to follow the Lord where He leads you. ... Our collective efforts will build the Family of the future. (Change Journey Manifesto--May 2010)

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