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The Family South Asia.
South Asia is a region made up of countries with unique and divers culture, religious, political and socio- economic structure. The predominant religion in this region are Muslim, Hindu and Buddhist and these religions have close integration to each country’s cultural as well as social life. The Family International mission here is to reach out to all people with the message of hope and love and to stress the importance of childhood training and the sanctity of family unit. The Family International activities in this region offer avenue for personal development and growth. We believe that the world will be a much better place if everyone will reach out to those in need.

For the past decade and half, The Family International have been involved in a lot of drug awareness and prevention programs in Thailand. Several activities to achieve this goal have been organized and held. Activities such as concerts, seminars and therapeutic group activities have been held in places such as schools, college, rehabilitation and juvenile detention centers and we have reached out to thousands through this medium. The Family International have identified that one of the most effective method of approach is combining drama and music in the drug and anti-narcotics awareness campaign. We provide activities that assists youths and youngsters to integrate back into the society and live a productive life subsequently.

The Family Int.

In 100 cities spread across India the Family International today, works with more than 3000 deaf youths. This project began about 20 years ago. Our activities among the deaf youths includes:
• Establishing deaf clubs in 64 cities. These clubs assist the deaf to learn sign language and practical life skills
• Conduct personality development program each week.
• Provide training in entrepreneurial skills
• Provide health workshop
• Provide computer training and job placements
• Provide pre-post marital counselling for the deaf
• Organize sport events, quiz competitions and other cultural events
• Provide legal aid

TFI in South Asia.

Immediately after the December 2004 tsunami which hit the Southeast region of Asia. The Family International swung into action. The natural disaster brought a lot of grief, devastation, confusion and pain to the survivors. The needs of the people were enormous as government and the whole world mobilized to assist the people. Within a day, a team of Family International volunteers were in the disaster site to provide assistance, while another team stayed back to collect and send donated goods to the disaster area. However, the most important service rendered by the Family was the counselling offered to traumatize survivors who are made up of adults and children. In addition, The Family International also served as cooks, caregivers and in other capacities within this period.


In Indonesia the Family International in collaboration with local authorities and educators presented a lot of seminars. The purposes of these seminars are;
• To instruct parents and teachers on the need for character building and early learning
• Provide important instructions on the education that is lively and fun and includes practical trainings.
• Provide a variety of audio visual materials and emphasize the use of these materials in the education of children
• Demonstrate the use of these materials in effective teaching.


Prisoners are human beings too. They too crave for support as well as the love of their near and dear ones. They love when their family members visit them. However, many prisoners do not

have any visitors at all. Family International in Australia, have been active in working on the psychological aspects of the prisoners since 1996. TFI arranges for counseling as well as visits for such prisoners. During family days as well as other special events TFI organization helps the chaplains by providing for Christian counseling on weekly basis. They ensure that the family members assist these chaplains in

Kariong Juvenile Justice Center: TFI provides training for sports activities such as basketball and other sports endeavoring to bring young persons from these communities together.

2004 Tsunami The 2004 Tsunami created extreme havoc in South East Asia. The Family International in conjunction with the Change the World Foundation played a great part in supplying aid and relief to these affected people. This aid included sending containers laden with relief material worth AUD 500,000 to affected places such as Sri Lanka. The Family International members work in close coordination with other relief agencies in and around Sydney for organizing timely relief to the Tsunami victims.

Hospital Patient Care: Hospital patients require love, care, and affection. The Family members in Australia ensure that by conducting various programs as well as performances in hospitals. They use these programs to spread God’s message of love to these people. The Family International has many young talented music performers, dancers, as well as singers with a single-minded goal to help these patients.

Cyclone Larry As with the case of the Tsunami in 2004, TFI organizations rendered similar kind of help to the victims of the Cyclone Larry in 2006. A volunteer team was sent to carry out relief supplies to Innisfail, Queensland. This team assisted in the cleaning up operations. The team established close liaison with the Red Cross as well as other relief agencies for distributing aid.

The Family International volunteers commit themselves to help the needy by providing them with food as well as other necessities. The volunteers take active interest on the collection and delivery of fresh vegetables as well as fruits on a weekly basis. TFI members work in close coordination with the Just Enough Faith Foundation to feed homeless people throughout Australia.


Yolanda Typhoon Disaster Relief: On 08 November 2013, The Yolanda Typhoon struck Philippines and caused total destruction in the Visayas. The most affected regions were places such as Samar as well as Leyte. Here, practically every family lost someone to the typhoon. More than 90% of the buildings in Tacloban underwent extreme damage leaving thousands of people dead. The Family International from Philippines, Thailand, as well as Indonesia put in extreme efforts at rehabilitation by bringing the necessary goods as well as encouragement for the survivors.

Correctional Institution for Women: The Philippines Family International has been very active in helping the inmates of the Correctional Institution for Women, the only one of its kind in the country. TFI teaches the Bible on a daily basis and engage in donating toiletries to people requiring such help. The Family members also take initiative in providing medical assistance.

Drug Rehabilitation Centers: The Family International members hold Bible studies on a weekly basis drug rehabilitation centers. This includes prayers, singing, as well as counseling. The volunteers also distribute the donated food and Bibles as well as Christian materials. You can see the drug addicts as restless people. The donation of guitars to such people has come as a boon to the addicts and provide a much needed distraction to their situation.

Old age home in Marikina: The Christmas season sees the Family International visiting the Luwalhati Ng Maynila, an old age home in Marikina. The highlight of the visit is the special meal as well as gifts to the residents. The elderly people enjoy the company of TFI young children and participate in the activities with great enthusiasm.

Cancer Patients Rehabilitation: Depression is a known problem among cancer patients. In case of children, the depression can be even more damaging. The Family International members visit the children wards of cancer hospitals to provide cheer to these children diagnosed with terminal cancer. Most of these children are very poor and travel from far off places along with their parents to seek treatment.


Family International is steadfast in its belief that focusing on development of children is the best way for a better tomorrow. With this belief, they provide emotional as well as educational support to such children from underprivileged backgrounds. They believe that such children should have a level playing field to enable them to enjoy life better. Teaching or training a person is the best way for helping to develop a society. Instilling good values of kindness, concern, as well as courtesy in the aim of TFI in India. The volunteers provide motivational training and include team-building sessions as well in their seminars for professionals as well as office workers.

Deaf Ministry: This endeavor started more than 20 years back and to date the Family works with more than 3000 hearing impaired youth all over the country by conducting weekly programs. Now about 64 cities have Deaf Clubs. The youth can learn things such as sign language as well as other practical skills, receive entrepreneurial training as well as participate in health workshops. They also offer marriage counseling and computer training. By placing them in good jobs and offering legal aid as well, TFI members are playing a large role in improving the lifestyle of the deaf. In addition, they also conduct activities such as quiz contests and cultural events.

Humanitarian Work: India has had its share of disasters such as the Gujarat Earthquake, Orissa Cyclone, as well as the Tsunami in 2004. In fact, the Tsunami was one of the worst disasters in India. The tsunami affected the state of Tamil Nadu rendering thousands of people dead or homeless. Family International volunteers have played a great part in the rehabilitation of the victims. They have taken part in providing relief distribution, building schools, providing emotional support, as well as 159 boats to the fishermen. The Family still works with the victims to this day.

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